Downtown Asheville on Film

B/W film roll #2 for the week­end — again, suck­ing up all the ener­gy offered from the nice weath­er at the end of this drea­ry January.

Down­town Asheville is per­pet­u­al­ly new, and espe­cial­ly that day — the peo­ple were like ants crawl­ing out of a dis­turbed nest, thank­ful for any excuse to be out­side. And, of course, leav­ing their detri­tus around the area. And that makes for good pho­tog­ra­phy. Thanks lit­ter­ing people!

Also, a brief exper­i­ment with tak­ing two very sim­i­lar pho­tos (the two Jack­son Build­ing frames) and wal­lop­ing them through post very dif­fer­ent­ly. Results: encouraging!

Film at the Biltmore Estate

This week­end was devot­ed to 35mm b/w film. Eryn was at a nurs­ing class all day, so Theo and I went out and about to the Bilt­more to enjoy the tru­ly fan­tas­tic weather.

We made the usu­al rounds, and I found some new view­points — as always, shoot­ing a dif­fer­ent medi­um push­es me to look at where I’ve been in a new way. Espe­cial­ly as the sun got low­er and the stat­ues showed more of their age and gran­u­lar­i­ty — I am glad I went with b/w film to focus on the line and shapes.

Snow at the Biltmore, January 2011

Orig­i­nal­ly the trip out the Bilt­more was for the hyper­fo­cal chal­lenge (one of the pho­tos above made the chal­lenge, not my great­est work but Eryn did get a fea­tured spot with her entry), and we end­ed up wan­der­ing around a bit more. Or at least, I did.

My biggest sur­prise was see­ing the Bass Pond total­ly iced, with a bit of water drain­ing over the water­fall edge from under the ice sheet.

Snow at Night

Some of these were from ear­li­er in the day — no use mak­ing a sec­ond post on the same topic!

It was­n’t the first snow of the year, in fact I think this may have been sev­er­al days after the last snow­fall. But the night time weath­er was per­fect (although a bit chilly) for some long expo­sures — low wind, low traffic.

It is sur­pris­ing how much more play there is at night with sub­jects that are will­ing to stand still for long expo­sures. The night-into-day effect is quite mesmerizing.