Ava’s Mailbox, Wallpaper

It’s a new year, we made it to 2013, anoth­er arbi­trar­i­ly marked trip around the sun (with a few course cor­rec­tions along the way)! OK, I’m not real­ly that cyn­i­cal and I’m cer­tain­ly glad to be here. And with that in mind, and keep­ing in mind that I haven’t always kept up my promis­es for reg­u­lar updates, I’m going to try and add a new fea­ture here with this blog.

Week­ly wall­pa­per sets. But not just any wall­pa­per sets, oh no. These will be cre­at­ed from a pho­to tak­en in the last week. So it’ll be hot and fresh and as heart warm­ing as baked bread. Unless you are gluten free, then it will be as heart warm­ing as fresh GF banana muffins.

With the intro­duc­tion out the way, here is one from a vis­it to Mis­sis­sip­pi last week­end (pho­to from Sat­ur­day, so still in the last week but bare­ly). It is (one of) the mail­box­es from an old fam­i­ly home in Mis­sis­sip­pi. It is actu­al­ly my in-law’s fam­i­ly house, and I am grate­ful for their shar­ing some time explor­ing the property.

Ava Mailbox

Click here for the Wall­pa­per as a .zip file. It includes files in a vari­ety of aspect ratios and a small Readme.