Britt Byrd, Portrait. September 2014

September 29, 2014 at 1:58 pm

Por­trait head shots are always an inter­est­ing expe­ri­ence. My goals and the client’s goals start from dif­fer­ent places and we both work to meet in the mid­dle. It’s a bit of a dance, espe­cially at the begin­ning of the ses­sion. I am grate­ful when I have mul­ti­ple oppor­tu­ni­ties to work with a client as that gives us time to step away and come back to add to the work already com­plete. And some­times in that sec­ond ses­sion, I can play a bit more with the work and try for more than just the explicit goal. The can­did imagery that arises from the amenable feel­ings can offer treasure.

The image below is one of those riches.

Britt Byrd, September 2014

Britt Byrd, Sep­tem­ber 2014

Britt Byrd is a local actress and we worked on two ses­sions together ear­lier this month. While the tra­di­tional head shots are cer­tainly win­ners on their own, this one can­did is one of my favorites from the sets. It was a moment of intro­spec­tion between looks, and I am grate­ful I was able to catch the image. And, not least, thanks to Britt and her active engage­ment as a pho­to­graphic subject.