Raleigh, February 2015. Tri‑X 400 120, GA645

This is the roll of Tri‑X 400 that I picked up from the Imag­in­gUSA Kodak booth. I haven’t shot any medi­um for­mat Tri‑X before (to my rec­ol­lec­tion any­way) and I was very impressed with the breadth of tone that could be pulled from the scans. 

As always, I loved walk­ing around with the GA645. Just a great cam­era. So sharp, so reli­able — my only com­plaint is that it shoots 15 instead of 16 on a 120 roll (and 30 instead of 32 on 220). But being able to use the same equip­ment for 120 & 220 with­out adapters is pret­ty awe­some. Which reminds me.…I have a roll of FP4 220 that needs to be used!

Color Self Portraits, February 2015

I do shoot col­or some­times! These are two dig­i­tal images made while test­ing bat­ter­ies and con­fig­u­ra­tions for off cam­era flash setups. 50mm f/1.4 on the 5dmk2

Percy Priest Lake, January 2015

A mix of film (T‑Max 400) and the Fuji x100.

Horizon Perfekt at Barista Parlor, February 2015

Test­ing a Hori­zon Per­fekt cam­era at the Barista Par­lor in east Nashville. Very old BW400CN film — not sure if the issues are from the film or the cam­era. Will retest with known good film.

That said, I real­ly like the view­point and capa­bil­i­ties of the cam­era. More scans to come!