Block around Barista Parlor, April 2015

One of my favorite places for a bril­liant cup of cof­fee is Barista Par­lor. The oth­er day there were tremen­dous storms blow­ing through and after watch­ing from inside I went to take a walk around the block. It’s an old neigh­bor­hood with lots of charm and beau­ty. These are images from a roll of Neopan Acros 100 (shot at 400) shot on my A‑1.

Horizon Perfekt at Barista Parlor, February 2015

Test­ing a Hori­zon Per­fekt cam­era at the Barista Par­lor in east Nashville. Very old BW400CN film — not sure if the issues are from the film or the cam­era. Will retest with known good film.

That said, I real­ly like the view­point and capa­bil­i­ties of the cam­era. More scans to come!