September 30, 2011 at 10:23 pm

Did you know that if you put the word cri­tique into Google Trans­late it auto­mat­i­cally rec­og­nizes it as French? Which makes sense, of course, but if you try and trans­late it to Eng­lish you get ‘crit­i­cal’. Not the vibe from this evening.

I know that there will come cri­tiques when the work is shred­ded, chewed up and dis­carded, but tonight’s “sam­pling” was received well-enough.

The ben­e­fits beyond the expected were the future shar­ing of equip­ment and expand­ing the cir­cle of pho­tog­ra­pher acquaintances.

In other news, a Polaroid shoot has been sched­uled for the Back Series on Wednes­day. Ter­ri­bly excited! More pho­tos to come, but every needs a lit­tle text break now and then, right?