JCC SNAP Show Selections

Work select­ed for the SNAP 2017 JCC Show.

Indiafest, May 2017

It’s get­ting hard­er and hard­er — and it was already nigh impos­si­ble — to find labs to process slide film. With that in mind, I decid­ed to try cross-pro­cess­ing. These results (Fuji Sen­sia 100 processed in C‑41) are real­ly pleas­ing to me! Grant­ed, they aren’t that pos­i­tive film look — and they don’t quite evoke the won­der I have when I look at slides — but the results are more than accept­able! I like the tone of the blues quite a lot. 

The flare in some of them is from the 35mm gog­gles lens.…got to remem­ber to use the lens hood more often!

Pho­tographed at the Indi­afest 2017, host­ed by the Sri Gane­sha Tem­ple in Nashville. Leica M3, Fuji Sen­sia 100 35mm.

Rhino Books, Nashville. November 2016

I’d nev­er been in Rhi­no Books before this past week­end, but am def­i­nite­ly going back.

Fuji x100.

Austin in Black and White, April 2016

A mix of Fuji Acros 100 (in the Leica M3) and Ilford Delta 3200 (in the Mamiya Pro TL). Walk­ing around Zilk­er Park, Rainey St, and 6th from BookPeo­ple to downtown.