Brittany, June 2011.

I worked with Brit­tany as part of my Back series in 2011. She mod­eled for a cou­ple of ses­sions, in dig­i­tal and film.

I recent­ly found the instant film set and res­canned the work. I’m still blown away by the tonal­i­ty of the “print” in these scans. Using the FP-3000b offers a high speed expe­ri­ence that is real­ly unique, and I hope to con­tin­ue using the media for a long long time.

Self-Portrait, FP100C. July 2014

Self Portrait, FP100C. July 2014

I had three frames left of an old pack of FP100C and no par­tic­u­lar­ly strong series where I could uti­lize them. I’d also been strug­gling a lit­tle the last time I tried to use the media in my RB67, not quite get­ting every­thing to work in sync. So I fig­ured I could burn these 3 frames for practice.

This is frame 1 of 3. Haven’t shot the oth­er 2 yet, but will post if they turn out!

still life with a ghost

Col­lab­o­ra­tion with Laila Alamiri. Fuji FP-100c in Mamiya RB67, 137mm lens.