Cheekwood, February 2015.

This week I upgrad­ed my phone to a Sam­sung Note 4 (from an LG G2). While the G2 had many great fea­tures (I loved the back but­tons leav­ing clean sides), I just could­n’t keep sig­nal — espe­cial­ly GPS — when my wife’s Galaxy S5 would have full sta­tus of all net­work fea­tures as it were. It was more than a lit­tle frus­trat­ing to be dri­ving along and all of a sud­den my phone thinks I was two states away. How­ev­er, the cam­era on the G2 was far and away my favorite of any phone I’d had (var­i­ous Apple, Palm and HTC options).

I want­ed to take the cam­era on the Note 4 out for a test dri­ve and with a break of warm sun between the chill and the rain we went to Cheek­wood to enjoy the weath­er. All these images were tak­en and processed with the phone’s default cam­era and the android Adobe Pho­to­shop Express app.

I’m pleased with the abil­i­ty of the sen­sor to quick­ly focus from extreme­ly close to infin­i­ty, and rea­son­able abil­i­ty to resolve detail. I would rate the ISO 50 on the phone equiv­a­lent to ISO 1600 on a DSLR, which isn’t ter­ri­ble giv­en what incred­i­bly poor results there were only 5 years ago from phone cam­eras. Over­all, very pleased with the switch!