Film Wedding Portrait

I do a sub­stan­tial amount of event pho­tog­ra­phy, often all of it dig­i­tal. But I was recent­ly able to shoot at frame of Por­tra 160 with the RZ67 in the midst of a wed­ding, and I was real­ly pleased with the work.

It isn’t the most excit­ing wed­ding por­trait. It was done some­what spur of the moment and quick­ly, con­sid­er­ing the nor­mal speed at which I shoot film. But for me and my process, it was a moment where every­thing slowed down. Instead of cap­tur­ing every­one and every­thing that was going on, I was able to focus on the cam­era, the viewfind­er and the light meter and just relax. Like one of those movies where every­thing is sped-up, then the scene slows to a nor­mal-speed, then the reel speeds up again.


Polaroid Film Back Tests

So I’ve got­ten my hands on a Mamiya RZ67 with a cou­ple of 120 backs and a polaroid back. Seems like Fuji is the only major com­pa­ny still mak­ing film for that size cas­sette with their FB-100B and FB-100C (and sim­i­lar) packs. There are some small­er brands out there, and of course the Impos­si­ble Project, but for test­ing I want­ed to go with as sure a thing as pos­si­ble. So I’m using a pack of 100C to test out the back with some fun and ran­dom shots. 

Clock­wise from top-right is a view from the Flat Iron build­ing down­town look­ing west, the Mala­props book­store cafe, Eryn and Theo at the Bilt­more and a toy train in the back­yard after the rain.