New Altitude at 2017 Sideshow Fringe Festival

Aer­i­al per­for­mances at the 2017 Sideshow Fringe Festival

Hearts Like Fists Archival Photos, September 2015

I have seri­ous­ly fall­en behind in posts! Going to spend some time get­ting caught up and try to keep this more cur­rent because there is a lot of great work to share. First up, the archival pho­tos from Actors Bridge Ensem­ble’s pro­duc­tion of Hearts Like Fists, direct­ed by Jes­si­ka Mal­one and David Ian Lee.

Pre­sent­ed at the Bel­mont Black Box The­ater, the play is a charm­ing spin on the tra­di­tion­al super­hero sto­ry with some very well-done fight sequences. Shoutouts to all the cast and sup­port, and kudos espe­cial­ly to the light­ing and sound on the production!

Sideshow Fringe Festival 2015, July and August 2015

How do you choose the “best” of the pho­tog­ra­phy from five days and dozens of pro­duc­tion? I don’t real­ly have a good answer. There are ways of rank­ing, and rerank­ing, and rererank­ing, work until the “top” bub­bles up. Anoth­er way is to try and include one work from each per­for­mance, but that’s not always pos­si­ble either. Maybe a quo­ta of the best from each day? Nah, that’s not real­ly fair either. And would any of them give a good sense of the whole experience?

What I have done, some­what for pos­ter­i­ty and some­what to try and just make one post (instead of the dozens I could make), is to go through my saved pho­tos from the entire expe­ri­ence and put togeth­er a set of all those that rep­re­sent the expe­ri­ence.. Then I culled and culled until I had the 32 images below that give the best view into what it was like to see the entire 2015 Sideshow Fringe Fes­ti­val. Or, at least, that’s my selec­tion for today!

Many kudos to Jes­si­ka Mal­one and Mitch Mas­saro for their incred­i­bly vivid direc­tion, and the same to all of the tech­ni­cal staff that ran a seam­less expe­ri­ence for every­one. And, of course, plau­dits and praise for all of the per­form­ers. An incred­i­ble expe­ri­ence for all!